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On-site Inspection Services

                       IDENTIFYING Potential Exposures

PATRON-DIRECTED ride and devices


Water Park Inspections

Certified Aquatic Facility Inspections

Reducing Hazards through Education


The MISSION of LJM & ASSOCIATES is to achieve unsurpassed client satisfaction by providing a safe environment for the guests and employees of their clientele.


The operation of an Amusement Facility, Sports Venue, or Traveling Show can expose the owner to losses generated by the actions of people probably more so than any other industry. By providing a comprehensive inspection to identify these exposures so that corrective action can be taken when possible. This process assists the client in minimizing potential liability.

Theme Parks

Thorough Park assessments for an entire facility, new ride installation, amusement devices and audits throughout the world..

Traveling Carnivals

Certified Inspectors preform pre-opening inspections for fairs and festivals.

F. E. C.

Family Entertainment Centers inspections provide facility evaluations for insurance companies.

Water Parks

We provide comprehensive assessments for both outdoor and indoor water park operations, maintenance and inspections.

Current Codes and Standards

Understanding local and state codes and regulations can be a daunting task. Schedule your yearly training classes for your entire staff at your location by our knowledgable Inspectors.

Operator Training Programs

We train your staff on proper daily inspection requirements and safe operating procedures.

Proper Maintenance Procedures

Preforming maintenance and surveys for facilities and providing site-specific recommendations to enhance in-house maintenance efforts.

Risk Management Services for temporary or permanent facilities worldwide .

  • Third Party Inspections

  • Certifications and Affidavit Inspections

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Facility Safety Audits

  • Evaluations of Existing Operations

    Maintenance Programs
  • Development of Manual and Procedures

    for Maintenance, Operations and Risk Management Departments
  • Development of Loss Control Programs

  • OSHA Compliance Audits and Training

  • Security Evaluation / Assessments

  • Employee Training Programs

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CERTIFIED Inspectors providing ON-SITE services worldwide

Amusement ride inspections along with general grounds and facilities audits provide amusement park operators and traveling carnivals a safe guest experience.

What our clients say about us....

Brian Koch

New York State Department of Labor: Supervising Safety and Health Inspector
Bob Coleman, LJM Inspector...
“Certainly, your years of experience and knowledge are an asset to us on the midway"
About the LJM Team...
"They are the consummate professionals in all that they do."

Bill Carson

Safety, Busch Gardens, VA (Retired)

Brian Chamberlain

Safety Manager, Six Flags St. Louis
About the LJM Team...
"Very knowledgeable and friendly group. Always there when you need them. Very thorough and complete."
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